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Winter Solstice Traditions


Please enjoy these selection of articles on Celtic Winter Solstice traditions including Hunting the Wren, the Mummers and Mumming, Yule and the Yule Log, the Candle in the Window and the Laden Table in Ireland, Druid symbolism, particularly Holly and Mistletoe, Hogamany, Scottish New Year and Auld Lang Syne, Yule and the Yule Log and Caroling in the Celtic Tradition and Newgrange

And, please enjoy our collections of Celtic Winter Solstice Poetry, Celtic Winter Solstice Reading List and our Celtic Blessings, for your Solstice Greeting Cards. Enjoy!

Winter Solstice Poetry and Celtic mid-Winter Poetry
Winter Solstice Poetry and Celtic mid-Winter poetry for your Winter Solstice Celebrations and enjoyment.
Yule and the Yule Log
Today people associate Yule with the "Yule Log," a piece of wood decorated with evergreen, holly and candles.
In Newgrange, County Louth, there is an ancient tomb with stones covered with anticent Celtic artwork. Once a year, at the Winter Solstice, the tomb fills with light and the beautiful spirals are illuminated. Newgrange predates both Stonehenge and the ancient Pyramids of Egypt.
The Candle in the Window & the Laden Table in Ireland
Leaving a Candle in the Window was a common tradition on Christmas Eve in Ireland. At its heart it was a symbol of hospitality signaling any stranger that they were welcome to the house and that none would be turned away.
Caroling in the Celtic Tradition
Carol: A dance or a song of praise and joy.